What to do with your winnings from the top UK competition?

Winning the top UK competition, the lottery, is the ultimate dream for many hard working Brits. For those who get up early to do a hard days work, the concept of simply doing whatever you want to do, whenever you want to it, with no expense spared, is the pipe dream. Or is it?

For some lottery players, this dream has become a reality. However, for some, the dream was somewhat short lived, as some previous winners of the UK competition have found themselves back to square one after living the high life for a few blissful years.

Back in 2005, married couple Roger and Lara Griffiths hit the jackpot on the favourite UK competition. Scooping an astounding £1.8 million, the pair were utterly shocked and thrilled by the life changing event. Roger had been playing the Lottery online for a number of years, putting £2 a week into the game. Joking that the Lottery was his pension fund, Roger never truly believed that he would actually get so lucky.

The Yorkshire couple had conflicting ideas about how the £1.8 million would change their life. Hard worker Lara planned to continue in employment, whereas Roger was keen for the pair to quit work and live off the winnings. At a high point, the couple earned £340 per day purely on interest. Despite their disagreement, the pair began enjoying their newfound life of luxury as Roger quit his job.

As most Lottery winners do, the couple purchased their dream home for £670,000, whilst investing in two buy to let properties. The family also jetted off on luxury, five star trips around the world to Dubai, Majorca, Monaco and New York.

As Roger was not working, he had plenty of free time to spend the winnings from the UK competition. He splurged over four thousand pounds on guitars and £25,000 making an album with his old band from university. However, this venture was unsuccessful, selling only a few hundred copies; not nearly enough to get any return on his investment.

Six years after the Lottery win, the pair broke up. Having found emails to other women on Roger’s computer, Lara confronted Roger which resulted in him leaving their dream family home. Despite being married for fourteen years, the pressure of the win got to the couple, who spent numerous years argued over ill-informed decisions on what to do with the cash.

Having “lived the dream” for several years, Roger has found himself with just seven pounds in the bank, dependant upon his parents at the age of 42. Lara is currently working hard to support the couple’s children.